Monday, December 28, 2009

Partial Eclipse 31 Dec, 2009

The beginning, the middle and the ending of the eclipse will be visible from all parts of India.The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, Europe including the British Isles and the Arctic regions.The beginning of the umbral phase will be visible from the extreme south-eastern part of Australia, middle of South and North Pacific Ocean and extreme Solomon Island. The ending of the umbral phase will be visible from North and South Atlantic Ocean and Greenland. ECa will be doing a live webcast of the event. For further details and updates, keep on checking the website.


Moon enters penumbra    31 dec 22h 45.3m
Moon enters umbra         01 jan 0h 21.7m
Middle of the eclipse       01 jan 0h 52.7m
Moon leaves umbra         01 jan 1h 23.6m
Moon leaves penumbra  01 jan 3h 00.0m

all times are in IST

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