Friday, December 25, 2009

Occultation of Eta Piscium in Delhi

People living in Delhi have an oppurtunity to watch the lunr occultation of the bright star on 26th Dec.

World Map for the occultataion

Occultation prediction of Eta Piscium for DELHI India

day  Time     P      Mag  Moon     CA     PA
d  h  m  s           v   Alt Az
26 15 19  9   D      3.8  68 238  19N     360
26 16  1 30   R      3.8  59 251 -38N     302

Timings are in UT. To convert these into IST add 5 hours and 30 mins.

P: Phenomenon, R – Reappearance, D – Disappearance

Mag (v): Visual Magnitude of the star occulted.

CA: Cusp angle of the event. This is the number of degrees from the northern (N) or southern (S) cusp to the event. The positive (+) events occur on dark limb and are easiest to see; negative (-) events occur on bright limb. See the figure below.

PA: is the position angle measured in degrees. Similar to the position angle for double stars, it is the angle from due north (0°) to the point on the Moon's limb where the Event occurs. 90° is celestial east (to the left), 180° is celestial south, 270° is celestial west (to the right). See left figure below.

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