Saturday, November 13, 2010

Favorable asteroidal occultation of 8.3 mag star with in 200 kms delhi on 29th Nov night

IOTA/IOTA-ES occultation update for
             (933) Susi / HIP  54998 event on 2010 Nov 29, 21:50 UT
                      Visible from S China, India, SW Asia

On 2010 Nov 29 UT, the 22 km diameter asteroid (933) Susi will occult a 8.3 mag
star in the constellation Leo for observers along a path across S China, India,
SW Asia.

In the case of an occultation, the combined light of the asteroid and the star
will drop by 7.7 mag to 16.0 mag (the magnitude of the asteroid) for at most 0.9

This update is based on UNSO/Flagstaff astrometry for the asteroid kindly
provided by Alice Monet, historical astrometry from the MPC files (via AstDys),
and the following catalogs for the star position: .

The event at a glimpse
    * Rank: 43
    * date and approx. time of event: 2010 Nov 29, 21:46  - 2010 Nov 29, 21:49  UT
    * midpoint of event [JD]: 2455530.41019167
    * magnitude of target star: 8.3
    * magnitude drop [mag]: 7.7
    * estimated maximum duration [s]: 0.9
    * Moon: 38 % sunlit, 7° distance
    * Sun: 79° distance
    * rough path description: S China, India, SW Asia

Path of the Occultation

Click here to go to the Google Map for the occultation Path

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