Friday, April 30, 2010

On 2010 May 11 18:11 UT (23:43 IST), the 37 km diameter asteroid (7476) Ogilsbie will occult a 5.0 mag star in the constellation Virgo for observers along a path across Japan,China, India, Africa. In the case of an occultation, the combined light of the asteroid and the star will drop by 9.3 mag to 14.3 mag (the magnitude of the asteroid) for at most 2.7 seconds. This sure is a very good event to observe as comparitevly bright star (5.o mag) is going to be occulted and the central path is passing quite near to Banglore, tirupati and few
other cities in south. SPACE is going to observe and record the event. More updates will soon be put up.

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