Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Venus going behind the Moon - Lunar occultation on 30 june

On 30th june afternoon, moon will come in front of venus as seen from earth, an event we term as occultation. Just like moon covering the sun which we call eclipse which should be called an occultation!! This event needs special mention here as its happening in "broad day light" in india!!! there have been night time lunar occultations of venus but its really a challange to search for a crescent moon with Venus in day light! Because of Monsoon we may miss the event but it wOuld be worthwhile for amateurs to try and get the occultation in daylight. but make sure that you are following the observation procedures. Moon would be TOO close to the sun - hardly 12 degrees. last time the event occurred on May 16th, 2010, also a daytime event.

World visibility map

Timings of Disappearance and reappearance for Delhi (in IST)

D 13:18:59
R 14:41:55

More details will follow.

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